Cup Controversy?

By now, you might have heard about the controversial red Starbucks cup arousing trouble. It appears to be a harmless cup brightly displaying the color of the holidays. But not everyone took it that way. Basically this argument can be summed up to some viewing the cup as an object radiating holiday enmity and as a symbol showing how society is conforming to political correctness.

This whole thing was arguably started when a middle-aged man filmed and posted a video explaining how Starbucks was against Christianity and how they were taking the true Christmas spirit away from customers. As ridiculous as it may sound, he implied that the entire company “hates Jesus.” The man, Joshua Feuerstein, was very adamant about starting an uprising concerning this issue and while, at first, it didn’t seem that his video was going to receive so much support and credibility, it did; thus creating the Starbucks cup dispute.

I can officially say I am team “Its Just A Cup.” I do not feel that the monochrome cup represents animosity towards Christmas or Christians at all. Evidence has shown me that the Starbucks company in not anti-Christmas; they have “Merry Christmas” printed travel mugs and gift cards on display! On top of the false claims made in the video, Starbucks cups through the years have been becoming gradually less festive. It was not out of the blue for the cup to evolve into a simple red hue. 

I think that, as a society, we have bigger issues to be talking about than what is on a cup. I also believe that you shouldn’t need a cup to complete your holidays. And I think that a cup is all it is. It doesn’t need to be blown up to symbolize beliefs or offend ethnic groups; it is just a container that thousands of people throw away every day. Maybe we should be bringing more attention to that instead…

3 thoughts on “Cup Controversy?

  1. The guy who started it has a small group of religious followers whose goal is to make a big deal out of nothing. Because it’s such a ridiculous thing, the mainstream media picked up on it and pretended Christians actually think this is an issue. I do not know one Christian online or in real life who thinks the cup is a problem. Actually, on every Christian forum I know of people laugh about it.


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