Globe Trotter

I suppose we all have an inner penchant for seeing the world. It seems likely that pretty much anyone would desire to explore what nature has to offer. I know I do. In fact, I have an immense collection of destinations I would like to visit. Place after place, the pages of a beaten-up journal are filled with my travel dreams. From Singapore to Quito, the amount of locations you can travel to is boundless. The world is a beautiful place and I am one of the few who strive to take full advantage of it.

For this particular post, I have decided to pick  a few places (out of many) that I would like to visit for similar reasons. From this post alone, it may seem as if I am a very tropical person. And that is true, though that is not the only aspect of travel I desire. I decided to focus on that right now, as a limit to prevent me from naming 50+ places and boring you all to death. As a further limit I have chosen my top 3 desired tropical excursions.

1.) Austraila

There are numerous reasons why I would love to frequent the entire continent of Australia, but there are certain parts that attract me more than others. Aside from the infamous kangaroos and boomerangs, I picked this location because of water. Beaches and bodies of water are the things that draw me to areas the most. What can I say? I love a beautiful shore. White Heaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef (original, I know) are the two things pulling me towards this beautiful location. The pictures below are absolutely stunning, and I can only imagine what these places look like up-close. Lord Howe Island is another area, less popular than a majority of the locations in Australia, that is amazing. The pictures I have inserted below attempt to capture this natural beauty, but photos can never compare to seeing it up-close. I really hope to visit this amazing place someday, and maybe have time to explore what the whole continent has to offer.

2.) Croatia

Croatia. What an exotic, tropical name. It just sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?  With tons of alluring attractions and filled with areas of secluded environment for exploring, it seems as if you will never become bored! Two of the most fascinating locations in Croatia, and in my opinion the globe, is the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Krka National Park. Brimming with trees and waterfalls, these places are golden for photographers like myself. I could spend all day in spots like these. When exploring this country, I found so many areas of interest that I could write for pages. I hope that when I do get to travel here, I reserve ample time for this incredible piece of Earth.

3) California

Other than the fashionable travel locations such as Santa Monica beach, Las Angeles, and San Francisco, there are multiple places with beautiful surroundings and breathtaking views in California. This state and its entirety arouses my curiosity. California is home to some of the most stunning locations on the West coast of the United States, and from all of the parks, bridges, canyons,cities, caves, forests, and beaches, it is hard to pick specific pinpoints to visit. I am going to leave this state on my list as a “vast area I would like to completely cover one day,” because that’s what it is. I don’t want to go there, or anywhere for that matter, to visit some basic tourist attractions. I want to go to experience the world and to celebrate the beauty before my eyes. And I think that is the reason most true globe trotters wander; to be able to experience things outside of their comfort zone. To learn new cultures, languages, and customs. To be constantly amazed at what the world really is beyond the office, the kids, and the opinions of one society. So let’s travel. Let’s open our minds, and our hearts, to change. Let’s delve into all of the opportunities this world possesses.


8 thoughts on “Globe Trotter

  1. Hia,
    I know it’s not tropical, but NYC is a pretty awesome destination. It’s expensive, smelly, and crowded, but I’m told being in Time Square for the 1st time is overwhelming. I witnessed a farm boy get dizzy 😛

    Anyway, I wanted to connect with you to thank you for giving my poem, The Path of Fate, a Like.
    I’m new to WordPress and new to sharing my work with the world. I hope it connects with someone. I’m attempting to post about 5 poems a week with reviews of stuff on the other days.

    Thanks again!
    -Drem of


    1. I have actually been there! It is overwhelming at first, but very cool. No problem. I love to support other bloggers, especially those that are just getting started. I think I started mine about 2 weeks ago and I am very pleased with the WordPress community so far. I wish you good luck with your blog and follow back if you want to!


  2. Hi Layk, thanks for visiting my corner of the blogosphere! I hear you on Australia. My wife & I visited there in 2003 and spent a few days in Cairns (Great Barrier Reef area) so we got to go snorkeling a few time in & around the coral. You’re right to try to get there at some point… it’s MAGICAL to swim among the schools of colorful fish!! Cheers!


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